Menu Boards and Displays for Cafeteria Signage

Whether you run a dining hall at a college or university, a cafeteria at a public or private grade school or a cafeteria in a hospital, museum, military base, correctional facility, department store, office building or other corporate setting, it’s important to have signage and displays that draw viewers and patrons in quickly and deliver succinct and eye-catching messages to patrons and employees clearly, accurately and consistently.

That’s why cafeteria managers turn to Origin Menu Boards, a leader in the signage and display industry. We offer the latest in conventional, digital and custom cafeteria signage and displays.

Our dedicated and experienced experts can work with you to match the right cafeteria signage and display solutions with your business needs, your patrons’ needs and your budgetary needs.

As a result, your viewer base – students, visitors, office employees, military personnel, shoppers, patrons depending on the location of your cafeteria – will enjoy faster, more efficient customer cues and notice visually captivating and the most up-to-date information about everything from new and existing menu items to related nutritional information.

Your displays can also convey the latest local weather, news and event updates – plus, any additional information that you think your viewers will appreciate.

Cafeteria signage and displays from Origin Menu Boards will ultimately create an informative and entertaining experience that drives the perception of a shorter wait, resulting in more efficiency and larger profit margins.

Our cafeteria signage experts recommend:

Our cafeteria signage options also include:

  • Welcome displays.
  • Menu boards with listings and updates of dining specials.
  • Special events announcements.
  • Targeted local coop advertising.

Contact Origin Menu Boards today for more information about our products and services and to learn more about how we provide signage solutions and support to large and small cafeterias in all types of public, private and corporate settings.

We’re with you for every step of the project, from management, development and training to configuration and installation, and we can customize your cafeteria signage and displays to match the feel, décor and appeal of your cafeteria space.

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