Menu Board Development

With the display planning complete, it comes time to digest the findings. Armed with this information, coupled with our industry knowledge and capabilities, Origin will work to put together a myriad of menu board solutions for you. This is a tactical process that adheres to the step-by-step plan that has been previously laid out. Drawings, mock-ups, and prototypes are commonly used to hone in on the ideal solution for your given environment(s).Product Development Consulation

Real-Life Example:

California-Based Pizza Restaurant – After embarking on a number of other green initiatives for their restaurants, they arrived at their current menu board systems and wondered what they could do to make it more environmentally friendly.

They were using magnetic graphics backed on to a sintra substrate and wanted to continue to use the backing to keep the costs down. The magnetic graphics were the primary point of conversation.

  • After a series of revisions, the final product consisted of a magnetic frame (made out of 85% recycled material) that held a 100% recycled paper print of the menu in place.
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