Menu Board Marketing Services

Companies often find themselves in one of three scenarios: (1) They are just starting up and don’t have an identity – logo, menu board concept, color scheme, etc; (2) They have done the leg work on branding but have fallen short in getting their name out; or (3) They are caught between tweaking their brand and completely reinventing their strategies due to decreasing revenue. In all of these situations there is a disconnect somewhere along the line that conveys a disjointed message to your customers. Origin is familiar with hopping in at any of these crossroads to add some horsepower and cohesiveness to your marketing!Origin Display Marketing Services

Real-Life Example:
Arizona-Based Chinese Food Chain (3 locations) – After taking over another fledgling Chinese food concept, their idea of adding some secret recipes and home cookin’ to increase sales didn’t have the impact they had hoped. Word of mouth didn’t take flight and, worse, those that came not only expected to be able to get what was on the menu but initially thought they were the same company.

How Origin helped turn it all around:

    • Executed a complete re-brand that changed the look, style and feel of all locations, inside and out
    • Designed and produced all new menu boards, display fixtures, banners and graphics
    • Developed a targeted marketing campaign through social media (Twitter and Facebook) which turned into 1,000+ “Likes” and “Followers”
    • Manage and maintain social media outlets for promotions (i.e. coupons, limited-time-offers, etc.)


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