Drive Thru Communication All In One Headsets

drive thru communication headsetsThink Small: Half the size of any all-in-one (AIO) drive-thru headset on the market. The ION IQ AIO headset is super-compact, super-lightweight and brings unparalleled balance and comfort to users.

Greater Reliability: Its unique design means fewer moving parts and greater reliability. Constructed with diecast parts, for even greater durability over time.

Better Sound Quality: Featuring a highly directional microphone that isolates sound better and delivers superior clarity every time.

Expanded Coverage: Above and beyond other headsets, reaches into far areas of the parking lot and resists dropouts and interference caused by stainless steel and walk-in coolers.

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All in One Drive Thru Communication Headsets Features:

  • ION IQ enhances drive-thru sound from the moment a customer speaks into its voice-optimized-microphone — specifically designed to recognize and replicate the human voice and improve intelligibility.
  • Enhanced noise and echo cancellation virtually eliminates distracting noise during communication, to provide more accurate order taking.
  • Automatic Noise Control (ANC) instantly quiets inbound sound when the customer is not speaking, improving listening comfort for employees.
  • Automatic tuning and digital controls ensure your system is always set at the optimal levels for clear communication and allows for easy duplication of settings across multiple locations.
  • ION IQ’s acoustically tuned speaker, designed specifically for the drive-thru, dramatically reduces distortion to deliver the clearest, most intelligible communication to the customer.
  • Accommodating timer systems are available as well

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