Drive Thru Communication Belt Pac Headsets

drive thru communications belt pacCleaner, Clearer Sound: Enhanced digital noise cancellation dramatically improves clarity and order accuracy.

Compact Size: Fits in the palm of your hand and is, by far, the smallest belt-pac on the market.

Durable and Reliable: Headsets with superior-strength steel cables and belt-pacs with completely sealed buttons make this pair extremely durable and reliable.

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Drive Thru Communications Belt Pac Headset Features:

  • ION IQ enhances drive-thru sound from the moment a customer speaks into its voice-optimized microphone — specifically designed to recognize and replicate the human voice and improve intelligibility.
  • Enhanced noise and echo cancellation virtually eliminates distracting noise during communication to provide more accurate order taking.
  • Automatic Noise Control (ANC) instantly quiets inbound sound when the customer is not speaking, improving listening comfort for employees.
  • Automatic tuning and digital controls ensure your system is always set at the optimal levels for clear communication and allows for easy duplication of settings across multiple locations.
  • ION IQ’s acoustically tuned speaker, designed specifically for the drive-thru, dramatically reduces distortion to deliver the clearest, most intelligible communication to the customer.
  • Accommodating timer systems are available as well

Don’t forget that we offer many different types of drive thru communication systems. We are more than just a company that provides your business with products. We work with you to figure out your exact needs and provide you with a custom menu board solution that will fit your needs and also will fit your budget.

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